Welcome to Double Tap Games!

Who We Are

Double Tap Games Of San Leandro is a card/hobby store that specializes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Games. We also host tournaments and casual play for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. 

Our main objectives are simply to give players and gamers what they want most: a clean and friendly environment, good deals on products, and prize support that makes you feel that your money was well spent, even if you don't place the highest in a tournament. We don't mind sacrificing a little more for the good of the players, because we firmly believe that if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. We're currently working on getting air conditioning, for these hot Summer days.

In addition to our objectives of doing more to satisfy the players, we also have an amazing location. We're roughly 7 minutes away from San Leandro BART (walking), so driving isn't always your only option if you're local, and we have free parking (inside the Plaza is crowded, but one block away at CVS is best) if you do decide to drive. There are several places to eat, with food selections including Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Pizza, Wings, Barbecue, Ice Cream, Burgers, Seafood, and more. We also have periodic patrols from the San Leandro Police Department to help reduce crime, and we will have security cameras installed in our store to discourage theft. We're fully set up, and can comfortably accomodate 64 players in our store, so there's plenty of room to play, or just hang out.

Our Experience Shows!

This is our first foray into the business side of TCGs and video games, but we've spent over a decade being players just like the people that we now serve. As such, we know what you guys (and ladies) want, what you expect from store owners, and how to go about getting results. If you play with us, you'll get top notch prize support, only the most recent card sets (we will NEVER push unwanted product, only what's requested the most), and we'll take time and listen to what you our players want. Ignoring our players would be doing a disservice to ourselves, because our players are what keeps us going as a business. So we want to do what's best for you guys, so that you'll want to come back and game with us!

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