Our Company

Our company, Double Tap Games Of San Leandro, was founded July 5th, 2012 by Michael Bonacini, Gary Dumlao, and John Maddox III. The main reason for us moving to this side of the gaming world was constant disappointment in prize support, and the same disappointment felt by our fellow players. For us personally, it started to feel like going out and playing games wasn't worth it because the money you put up just wasn't worth it for what you got in return. At our store, you can expect the following:
  • An environment that looks, and most importantly, smells clean.
  • Friendly atmosphere. We want everyone to feel comfortable at our store, and feel good when they consider returning. If there is a game that we don't supply, and you need a place to play, you're always welcome as long as we can accommodate you.
  • Top notch prize support at all of our events. If you top at our store, you will feel that your time and money was not wasted, guaranteed.
  • An amazing location easily accessible by car or transit, and filled with tons of places to eat and hang out.
  • Security. Not only do we have patrols from San Leandro PD, but our store is equipped with 4 security cameras to discourage theft and violence. We are 100% against the aforementioned practices, and engaging in such activities will warrant a lifelong ban from our store.
Our objectives will not change, and neither will the effort we put forth to complete them. Now that you know what we're about, you can click the links below to learn a bit about the founders of this establishment.
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